Call for papers

Why - Call for papers


A conference like Barcelona Ruby Conference is all about new ideas, getting a renewed perspective on old topics, encouraging discussion and getting to know new people. Having a good roster of already established, well-known speakers is not enough to guarantee that.We want you to jump on stage and show everyone what you have - maybe you created a new library, or have an idea worth exploring, or want to share some of your experiences.

In fact, we belive so much that new faces are to be on the spotlight of a conference, that we go to great lenghts in making selected speakers comfortable so they can rock the stage:we will take care of accomodation expenses, transfers from the airport to the hotel, and much more!

Guidelines - Call for papers


  • You can submit your proposal via this form no later thanMay the 11th 2014, 23:59 CEST
  • You will be able to sendas much proposals as you want.
  • You can modify your proposals any timebefore May the 11th 2014, 23:59 CEST
  • The main conference's theme is the Ruby programming language. We highly encourage you to choose a topic that is somehow related to it, either directly or tangentially - that being said, we're open to original mind-blowing proposals.
  • The talk duration must be around 30 minutes, plus 10min for Q&A.
  • The video provided is just to show your speaking skills. It doesn't matter if it's from a fancy high-tech conf or from the comfort of your sofa. It doesn't have to be related to your submitted topic - that's what the description is for!
Selection process - Call for papers

Selection process

  • There are4 speaker slots reserved to the call for papers.
  • The selection process will be managed by a closed commitee formed by the Barcelona Ruby Conference organizers.
  • We will follow a 2-step voting process: Topic triage (being blind about who it is from), and a second phase where we vote based on the video provided. In case of draw, a third voting phase could take place.
  • We won't publish the votes either publicly or privately.
  • The selected list of speaker will be announced publicly via social networks and e-mail, as well as privately to each participant.
What you get - Call for papers

What you get

  • Free ticket to the conference (all goodies included!).
  • 3 nights of paid accommodation at the NH Constanza 4 star hotel (1 minute walk from the venue).
  • Transfer from airport to hotel.
  • Appearance in the conference's leaflet, website, etc.
  • Speakers' dinner.
  • Unfortunately we’re not able to cover any flight costs, so book yours as soon as you know if you’re selected!
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