Barcelona Ruby Conference 2014
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Avinguda Diagonal


June the 27th, 2014

A heroic update about Baruco

Baruco 2014 is just two months ahead and we've been working like crazy to make the best of it. Here's some updates!


  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    Starting to get excited about being back in Barcelona for this year's @baruco. Definitely my favourite Ruby conference! :)

  • Ytvric7d bigger
    Evan Phoenix
    Los Angeles, California

    . @baruco has really set the wardrobe expectations high. I wonder where I find some amazing superhero shoulders...

  • 5cb9f828048830ae860569faafbcee08 bigger
    Adomas Sliužinskas
    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Got ticket to @baruco. Can't wait for the summer to end to go there again :)

  • Img 0617 bigger
    Julian Cheal

    You should come to @baruco! Not just because the conference will be awesome, but also because the site looks amazing

  • Avatar diacode bigger

    We just got back from @FutureJS and we already bought our tickets for @BaRuCo 2014!

  • 05d06394eade4a7f6325c7f40b70d61a bigger
    Xavier Redó

    Attending @baruco 2014. Can't be happier to have been able to get my tickets on time #ruby #cantWait

  • Fko0qucn bigger
    Māris Cīlītis

    can you ask for a better start of a week? :) @baruco

  • K5pvdd0n bigger
    Yoni Weisbrod
    Tel Aviv

    Brilliant website design for @baruco! Gives the conference a lot of character! @codegram

  • Iyi5dxqt bigger
    Matt Aimonetti
    Santa Monica, CA

    also since I'm going to @baruco I'd better ask @francesc to help me practice Catalan :)

  • 4o0zmere bigger
    ganzer wolfsbarsch
    why do you follow me

    Also they have a CfP which is blind with respect to speakers in the first round. Let's make the panel more diverse.

  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    @baruco Thank you :-) Proud to be a friend of #baruco!!

  • 6e90fe1de49c40413605e3a4c4fb7174 bigger
    Poznan, Poland

    Barcelona, @baruco & Boat! Thank you guys for an amazing conference!

  • Uyidggej bigger
    Fredrik Rubensson
    Stockholm, Sweden

    a couple of photos from @baruco 2013 :

  • Tck avatar redes op bigger
    The Cocktail

    ¡Así fue @baruco 2013! Hoy en nuestro blog la crónica completa de la conferencia Ruby más relevante de nuestro país:

  • Matz bigger
    Yukihiro Matsumoto

    @baruco Thank you guys. It was a great conference.

  • Ca48276f8ebbbbac9c6ce83aac3c8548 bigger
    Aaron Patterson
    Seattle, WA

    Just arrived in Seattle. Thanks to everyone at @baruco. The conference was great, and Barcelona is an amazing city! 💘💙💜💗💚❤💓💛💚💗!

  • Tf3unu1v bigger
    David Ramalho
    Dublin, Ireland

    My @baruco 2013 photo set, great couple of days that I still need to process and take in - of course :)

  • 3f894e21b5010612645114ee1eada7eb bigger
    Piotr Murach
    United Kindgdom

    @drnic #baruco that was an awesome landing indeed! Enjoyed every bit of the experience!

  • 8my7p5gwaec2a57w3aow bigger
    samo ratnik
    ljubljana, slovenia

    now, after #baruco, i kinda know how neo must've felt after receiving the ju jitsu upload. holy shit! =)

  • 682812da47ae221edb1d0a3dadd69ef0 bigger
    Piotr Szotkowski
    Warsaw, Poland

    #BaRuCo - a conference so good I took someone else's luggage from the plane.

  • Scan10001 small bigger
    Robert Claeson

    On my way home from #baruco the best one ever with a fantastic speaker line up, great organisation and lots of people to talk to. Thank you.

  • 6ba9f6f91a01b88ab8b34d9b47f246a8 bigger

    #baruco is the best ruby conference! Awesome organization and talks. Thx @baruco <3<3<3<3

  • Square small bigger
    Luca Ongaro
    Berlin, DE

    Wow... @nusco's keynote at @baruco was the best EVER. Simply awesome.

  • 0c09v80na3i56tc7xk4y bigger
    Wolfgang Rittner

    First day of #baruco is over (almost, heading to beach party next ;-)) and it was awesome so far!

  • Dh4 xfr4 bigger
    Luciano Sousa

    #baruco is getting to be the best conference I've been!

  • F10aqcur bigger
    Reginald Braithwaite

    "In America, it's all about Guns and No Sex. In Europe, it's The Opposite"—Dr. Nic Williams, @baruco

  • 0jxxb0om bigger

    a conference with lasers and astronauts. love my profession :D #baruco

  • 4nqotoen bigger
    Avdi Grimm
    York, PA

    Boarded. Captain is asking if anyone has Google Earth.

  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    On my way to Barcelona for @baruco. I went last year as an attendee and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to speak this year! #baruco

  • Xt0pcbvy bigger
    Charles Nutter
    Minneapolis, MN

    Excited to speak at @baruco this week! My first trip to Barcelona or to Spain. JRuby futures, beautiful city, and new friends await!

  • Vitqbnxd bigger
    Brussels, Belgium

    Woot it’s @baruco week:)

  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    Massively excited about speaking at @baruco next weekend. Gonna be a great conference. Who do I know that'll be there?

  • 1a70bd3f08a8a29549aaad16142c44d5 bigger
    Tomasz Milczarek
    Warsaw, Poland

    Just booked a flight to #BCN @baruco Can't wait!

  • Refael4 bigger
    Raphael Fogel
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    #Confitoora European tour will start at @baruco, Barcelona and will end at @socodedconf, Hamburg :) any good confs in the middle?

  • Cropped bigger
    José Valim
    Kraków, Poland

    I want to thank my shower for creating a great environment for problem solving.

  • F10aqcur bigger
    Reginald Braithwaite

    How cool is this map?

  • Wr78xd724ys4gl7fg7ym bigger
    Valencia, España

    Media hora para la puesta a la venta de las entradas para @baruco Queremos ir todo el equipo de desarrolladores. Estamos atentos.

  • Clemens twitter bigger
    Clemens Kofler
    Innsbruck, Austria

    Hmmmm, should I attend @baruco? With their speaker lineup, I'd probably be mad not to ...

  • 5mj8bein bigger
    Rafa García

    Por la b, ¿dónde estaré en septiembre? ...

  • 472698f04f3fd7dd984c94363e86b56e bigger
    Greg Karékinian
    Berlin, Deutschland

    YES, I just got a ticket for @baruco! I can't wait to finally visit Barcelona and get together with old and new friends!

  • Bfff863ac21d0dac040fc6a133ed721f bigger

    If you haven't decided to go to @baruco yet, you should decide now. Amazing city and terrific conference last year. Should Not Miss!

  • Rado color 180 bigger
    Radoslav Stankov
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    WWDC Tickets sold out almost as quick as @baruco first ticket batch...

  • 163055885657f12cb7162ebef94ac380 bigger
    Miguel Cabeça

    I’m really, really excited about the @baruco conference this September. Ruby and Barcelona, what a mix! #YAY

  • Bbc02488eec4b91964375b0da9955be2 bigger
    Sandi Metz
    Durham, NC

    @edwardog Those @baruco folks are amazing. Doesn't it make you want to come?

  • Ca48276f8ebbbbac9c6ce83aac3c8548 bigger
    Aaron Patterson
    Seattle, WA

    The @baruco promo is amazing!

  • Rpv9bj7z bigger
    Chicago, IL

    Wow! That's quite the trailer for @baruco (even if they did spell my name wrong haha!). I'm excited to be speaking!

  • 4nqotoen bigger
    Avdi Grimm
    York, PA

    The BaRuCo 2013 trailer is a must-see (disclaimer: I'm speaking)

  • 9k11odlu bigger
    Kris Chelly
    San Francisco

    So excited to be speaking at a conference that makes its own trailer. @baruco is setting a high standard

  • Lkq9jfzh bigger

    I love the new trailer video for @baruco

  • Mbswckte bigger
    Akash Soti
    Jaipur ✈ India

    @baruco Loved the trailer and the new design of the site!! #mindblowinglyawesome Can't wait to come there

  • 3wo7lvll bigger
    Xavier Noria

    the trailer of @baruco is THE AWESOME

  • Knwuwhj8 bigger
    Bobby Tables
    San Diego, CA

    Holy crap what a list of speakers #baruco via @baruco

  • 9k11odlu bigger
    Kris Chelly
    San Francisco

    Really excited to be speaking at @baruco this year. Genuinely honored to be listed among such thoughtful people

  • Bg9xb2st bigger
    Vicent Martí
    Berlin - València

    Super stoked to be speaking at @baruco this year.

  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    Insanely excited to be speaking at @baruco. It's an amazing conference and it has a brilliant speaker lineup. Be there! :)

  • Ehjpdq9c bigger
    Sigfrid Dusci
    Hopefully not in Taiwan

    @baruco Looking forward for the upcoming update. By the way your line-up looks great. Hope I will join you guys in September.

  • Rado color 180 bigger
    Radoslav Stankov
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    @baruco line of speakers this year is just amazing -

  • Ab8068c63afbe6dcdd2abea171b32f6f bigger
    Jeremy Walker
    Birmingham, UK

    Want to speak at @baruco so frickin' badly!!

  • Mbswckte bigger
    Akash Soti
    Jaipur ✈ India

    I wish September comes early this year @baruco can’t wait to meet @yukihiro_matz

  • Xu15w46jlrjjq180hcdb bigger
    Ancor Cruz
    Manchester, UK

    Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013 is coming on September! Have a look to the speakers It'll be legendary #baruco @baruco